Weld Engineering

Kevin Bagheri is a licensed Welding Engineer in multiple provinces and provides a critical backbone to our inspection team.  BAGHERI can assist you with:

CWB Retained Welding Engineering Services
  • Provides Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Datasheets (WPDS)
  • Performs quarterly visits for companies certified to Division 2 as per CSA W47.1and CSA W47.2.
Preparing Welding Procedure for a Variety of Applications:
  • Pressure vessels and piping
  • Pipelines
  • Structures
  • Advanced welding process such as FSW, LBW, EBW, GTAW, SAW
  • Exotic materials and super alloys
Reviewing of supplier welding procedures for technical adequacy and Code conformance
Preparing weld specifications and other technical information for building projects up to any of the following codes and standards:
  • ASME
  • CSA / CWB
  • AWS
  • ISO
Welding Engineering Management
Welding consulting for a variety of industries
Designing of welded joints
Performing Welder qualification test