Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the preferred choice for Welding Engineering and Inspection Services to major industries. BAGHERI can assist you to ensure that the welding work, the people doing the work, and the quality of the welding products always meet Canada’s highest welding standards in order to create, enhance and sustain our customer grow, success and profitability.

We will always try to meet the need of all our clients by delivering a quality services in a timely fashion by utilizing the latest techniques, our expertise and invaluable experience of our engineers and inspectors.

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    Kevin Bagheri, P.Eng - President
Kevin earned BSc. Degrees in Metallurgical Engineering and his MSc. Degrees in Welding Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Ontario and British Columbia. Kevin has more than 15 years extensive industrial experience in welding design, welding engineering development, NDE weld inspection and many years experiences in training NDE inspectors and weld technologists. He is the author of numerous technical papers and training books covering NDE processes, welding engineering development, and materials testing.
He is a lecturer at University of Ottawa and teaching welding design, fabrication, and quality control course for Mechanical Engineering students.

  Dr. Mohsen Mohammadijoo - Professional Consultant
Mohsen received his PhD in Materials Engineering with specialty in Welding Engineering from the University of Alberta (UofA), Canada. He has more than seven years of combined industrial and research experience in welding metallurgy, welding technology, fracture mechanics, root-cause failure analysis, destructive/non-destructive testing, corrosion, mathematical process design and optimization, statistical data analysis, characterization and nanostructured materials.
He has received an engineering teaching and learning certificate (Level3) from UofA and a certificate of principles of failure analysis from ASM International. He is a member of American Welding Society and the program chair of Canadian Welding Association-Edmonton Chapter.
  John Hunter - Verification Audit Manager
John has been involved in welding and manufacturing innovation for more than 40 years. His work in fabrication and productivity improvement has assisted companies, local and multi-national, to achieve production enhancements and overall efficiencies which maximize performance. A certified CSA W47.1 and CSA W47.2 Welding Supervisor and a Level II certified CSA W178.1 welding inspector by the CWB. John was a CWB certification service representative from1998 to 2000. There he helped companies across Canada achieve CWB certification and involved in a wide range of welding & erection projects. Since 2015, John has lead the Bagheri Welding Engineering verification audit team, continuing their role to create, enhance and sustain their customer grow, success and profitability.